Mayor’s Picnic & Duck Race (Romsey)

I love a traditional summer fete or fayre and they don’t come much better than the Mayor’s Picnic & Duck Race.  The Memorial Park was busy with people of all ages visiting stands and stalls, the atmosphere was one full of joy and laughter (helped by the large beer tent of course). There were several highlights, namely the Vicar being dunked in a pool of water, the infamous duck race and the magnificent Romsey Old Cadets who had the whole crowd singing, clapping and joining in with much enthusiasm. Charlotte and Nana had a ride on the little train followed by a well deserved ice cream.  So typically British and not a rain drop in sight!

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3 thoughts on “Mayor’s Picnic & Duck Race (Romsey)

    • Yer, it was! Not sure how you managed to miss it – what are you like!? You’ll have to wait until next year now.
      Did you go to the Beggars Fayre? Was VERY lively and felt like it could ‘kick off’ at any moment. Random lady next to me fainted, there was an ambulance in view during the morris dancing and some bloke was severely injured in our road! Apart from that it was brilliant. Rock on Romsey!

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