Home-Working, Home-Making Mummy

Yesterday, I launched my own business, working from home, called ‘The Virtuous VA‘.  Over the past 3 years, I’ve had the wonderful privilege of starting a family and being a very busy stay-at-home mummy. I’ve gained a wealth of new (and sometimes strange) skills that I never imagined possible a few years ago.  I thought it was time to add these skills and abilities to those I’d gained from my ‘working’ career. So, I put them all together, mixed them up a bit and put a bow on top……

Only the good Lord knows whether my business will be a success or not, but I would like to encourage other mother’s thinking about starting a business from home to take the plunge, and here’s why…..Like most women who have children, I found baby brain affected me in the early days and there was a time that I wondered if I’d ever be able to multi-task, organise and manage like BC, but with a little practise, your brain does return and start to function properly again!

If you designed logo’s before having children, then it’s very likely that your skills are still there and just need a little brush up (creating works of art with Mister Maker doesn’t count!)

Admittedly, you may need to do some research and reading and bring yourself up-to-date in your profession, but you’ll be surprised how many skills from your previous role actually cross-over into the role of mummy, and vice-versa.

For example, I was involved with office work for 19 years and to prove that I still have the skills and abilities now that I did back then, I took a look at my week and noticed I possessed the following skills and/abilities:

Multi-task – changing a newborn’s nappy and helping a toddler paint house at the same time as calling the doctors surgery about a reflux problem.

Self-motivate – yes, you really do need to get up at 4am again and resettle/feed/change etc. the baby.

Manage – required to organise any toddler birthday party

Delegation – involving other parents and children when it’s time to tidy up.

Encourage – trying to temp my son to eat pureed apple, because it really is very, very tasty.

Form Fill – enrolling my daughter at pre-school or applying for a child’s passport required a high level of education and form-filling ability.

Supervise – taking responsibility and overseeing the activities of one or more children at any given time, plus their friends. Assisting where required.

Remain focused – not lose the will to live when watching endless repeats of Fireman Sam, just because your daughter loves it.

Design – Creating and distributing a monthly newsletter for the Church Play Group

Organisation – Arranging group days out and age-specific holidays for Church Play Group friends and mothers.

Planning – Organising and managing the rota for duties required to run a Church Play Group

Research – believe me, when you want the best car seat for your new baby you will visit every site and read every review possible before making your purchase.

Sales and Marketing – Promoting your much cherished baby items on auction sites in order to generate enough income to buy something just for yourself (and then spend it on some cute looking bibs).

Book-keeping – endless figure tweaking and re-budgeting is required in the role of parenting.

Typing – the number of questions you’ll type into google.co.uk, such as how overcome teething, when to start weaning, what nappy sacks are best, will increase your WPM a lot!

Secretarial/PA – keeping on top of your children’s busy schedules (groups, clubs, sessions etc) and forward planning their social diaries so that they aren’t left bored for too long.

OK, so this is just a bit of fun, but if you need to work and can’t afford the childcare, or simply want to fulfil an ambition; then I hope this offers you some encouragement.  Go girl!


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