Advice needed please.

We’ve tried the sleeping bunny alarm clock, blackout curtains, putting her to bed later, putting her to bed earlier, waking her for late night wee wee, giving her milk in the morning, putting a tv in her bedroom(!), toy rotation, various ways of explaining, bribery, reward charts, stair gate across her bedroom door, cutting out her daytime nap, prolonging her bedtime routine, feeding her sensible foods before bed, providing her with energetic activities during the day, differing levels of punishment, ignoring her cries/noise, but we just can’t seem to keep Charlotte in her bedroom in the morning. She wakes at about 5:30am, like clockwork, hurdles over her stair gate, wakes the household, goes downstairs, helps herself to milk from the fridge and puts the tv on in the lounge. She is still only two, so needs to stay in her room at this time in the morning. Any tips, sensible or otherwise, gratefully received please as we are all very, very tired!

Mm, cute, but not at 5:30am!


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