Julie’s 50th Birthday

Happy 50th Birthday Julie.

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You’d never believe my beautiful sister turned 50 the other day, not only does she only look about 40 but she acts and behaves like a child most of the time bringing joy, laughter (and sometimes embarrassment!) to those around her.

Julie is possibly the most down-to-earth person you’d ever meet, she loves the ‘Pound Shop’ and will always buy 3 for 2, even when she doesn’t need the items on sale. Once she bought a box full of eye cream just because it was on sale in Boots.  She is often the life and soul of the party and believes that all special occasions should be celebrated to the max. She’ll often go OTT with presents, decorations and expect everyone else to do the same. At Christmas-time her house is like Santa’s Grotto, seriously!

Julie’s favourite saying is “Oh well”, she seldom takes anything seriously and has a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants attitude to life. Julie has lived with spondylitis ankylosing since her twenties and more recently coccydynia, however she seldom complains about her painful condition. She is quite an inspiration.

Julie played a large part in my upbringing, she helped Mum look after me when I was a baby and provided me with a place to ‘run away to’ in my teens. Julie would never harm anyone and would give her last penny to an ant – she is a friendly and caring lady and I’m so blessed to have her as my sister.


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