Farley Mount & Abbey Grounds

We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the country with so many lovely and fun places to visit. Two locations spring to mind, both are free of charge which almost guarantees a fantastic day out.

The Forestry Commission have gained Lottery Funding to develop areas of well being and recreation activities.  Farley Mount has always been a great place to explore, but now look out for the cleverly created Ant Hill, Tunnels and Swings galore, suitable for all ages and free of charge, even the parking is free. Take a picnic and enjoy a walk, get some fresh air and revisit childhood adventures of playing in woods and building dens.

Winchester is a historic and famous city with a number of interesting places to visit such as the Cathedral, The Great Hall, St Cross Hospital to name a few (plus Something Different where we go most Sundays).  For children visit River Park and The Abbey Grounds –  We took a trip to Abbey Grounds and although the gardens were currently undergoing lawn refurbishment the play park was open and great for the kiddies.  There are ducks to feed in the river and if you wish to relax with a coffee or ice cream visit the cafe/restaurant at the Guidhall adjacent to the grounds.


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