Charlotte’s 1st day at pre-school

It’s arrived, the big day! My little girl is growing up and we are entering a new ‘season’ of our lives.

I am excited, nervous, scared, proud…..and a little sad. My heart is bursting with joy but it hurts too. I hope I’ve provided her with all the things she will need to do well; things like manners, friendliness, compassion and healthy competition.

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It is hard, I’m not going to be there to protect her from certain situations, like cuddling her when she’s upset and smoothering her in kisses when she’s funny or cute.

I believe that God has blessed me greatly and chosen me to be a Mother to Charlotte, to bring her up according to His will, using the tools, resources and love that God can provide.  God trusted me to do this and now it’s now my turn to trust in God to look after this little treasure. If anyone can do it as well, if not better than me, then it’s the Big Man!

Charotte and I have hardly been apart since she was born and it’s going to be strange………….but really easy in some ways as I will have a little more time to get other things done and give more attention to William.

My little girl looks adorable in her new uniform. This is the ‘temporary’ one while we wait for the ‘official’ one to arrive. We are so blessed that this place became available and even moreso that that it turns out to be a Christian school. Check out my blog “5 anwsers to prayer” to see just how amazing this placement is.


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