5 answers to prayer

I can not find the words to describe the blessing that have been poured out on me, I feel a little like Elizabeth (John the Baptist’s mother).

(Luke 1) Elizabeth said,25 “Look what the Lord has done for me! My people were ashamed of me, but now the Lord has taken away that shame.”

Elizabeth’s blessing came very late in life and although I am only in my 30’s I feel my life is only just beginning and I am able to enjoy the blessings that God has given me.  This is mainly due to my diagnosis of bi-polar last year, but I must share these recent answers to prayer.

Everest Base-Camp – my darling husband has been dreaming of visiting Everest Base Camp for quite some time, last year he booked his trip with his best mate from work. Not only was the trip going to cost us a fourtune which we couldn’t really afford but I had this overwhemling fear that Jez would be injured during the trip. I was also worried how I would cope without him being around and more importantly I felt that Jez should be with us (his wife and very young children). I didn’t tell Jez how I felt and ensured him that I was more than happy for him to go as I wanted to appear supportive.  Mistake number 1 in marriage – lack of communication!  However, I prayed about the situation and Jez kind of had a revelation that he should be at home to support me and be with his children. Jez immediately cancelled his trip and although he may consider it again in the future he felt his time was with me and the children.

Family Man – my darling husband is possibly the best Father figure I’ve ever known this side of Heaven.  He has 4 adorable children from a previous marriage as well as Charlotte and William, his role as Father to all six is superb and they love him so much it is beautiful to see.  Jez has always been a great family man but since his decision to cancel the Everest trip (see above) he has been playing a massive role in the childrens lives. He has become much more involved, wanting to join us on family outings more frequently and wanting to explore the possibility of family camping holidays etc.  His new ‘hands-on’ approach is amazing and although we are still both knackered looking after the kids, we are happily knackered!

Dishwasher – people thought it was really strange that we didn’t include a dishwasher in the design of our kitchen, but I would proudly state that “I enjoy washing up” and “it takes just as long to load a dishwasher as it does to clean dishes by hand”.  However, I suddenly decided that I’d had enough of investing in gentle washing up liquid and endless pairs of marigolds. So, I did my ususal amount of research on-line and visited a number of electrical stores and discount warehouses to find the best ‘value for money’ dishwasher. I finally found one on Ebay cheaper than all the others I’d seen, it was canary/JCB/dandelion yellow and no one wanted it, the seller had listed it twice, it had been in their showroom for 2 years and when new cost over £700! I managed to get it for less than the cheapest I’d seen on the high street. Fortunately JCB yellow is perfect for our colour-scheme in the kitchen and it cleans beautifully, plus…no more dry and chapped hands.

Phil ‘n’ Teds – those who know me are never surprised to hear me excitedly say “I’ve bought this new buggy”. In fact, since 2008 I’ve had more prams, pushchairs and buggies than Mothercare!  I love searching for the exact model that suits my needs, doing my usual amount of research and shopping around.  I’ve spent hundreds on a buggy and equally enjoyed several models from Freecycle.  There is one thing I was always certain about and that was I would never choose a Phil n Teds.  But there came a time when no other pushchair would tick all the boxes and it looked like I was going to have to give in. I watched them selling on Ebay for more than the price in the shops, it was ridiculous. Then all of a sudden one appeared locally on Gumtree selling for a real bargain, it was in superb condition and the children love it (secretly so do I).

Pre-School – Charlotte is climbing the walls, I’m not sure what has happened but all of a sudden she has turned into this overly inquisative, manic, stubborn, cheeky, adventurous 2 year old. Now if you knew Charlotte you’d think this was normal for her, but multiple it by 10 and that is how she is. I don’t know my arse from my elbow and now that William is crawling it has taken motherhood on to a whole new dimension. Most of Charlotte’s friends are slightly older than her and are now starting pre-school, it is like she is the only one left still at home with mother 7 days a week. So last week I decided that although she would be starting nursery in September (under the Government 15 hours free placement scheme) I wouldn’t wait and would happily pay for a few mornings a week at the local pre-school.  I phoned her nursery but there were no places available immediately, I tried the other schools nearby but again no places, call after call to schools resulted in the same answer. I prayed “please God, let there be a place for her” I was down to the last school on my list and the kind lady informed me, “no sorry, no places here”. OK what about the private schools, was it worth the call? Not only is it something I’d never considered but also something we can’t really afford.  I called a couple of private schools in the area and finally called Hampshire Collegiate School. It just so happened that while I was on the phone a place became available and they offered it to me there and then. Amazingly it turns out that it is a Christian School, plus a cheque landed in my hand from a relative to pay for the remaining term fees! On Charlotte’s first day I prayed that we would receive a warm welcome, that she would have lots of fun and that she would make friends – all of these prayers were answered. Our God is so interested in all things in our lives. How wonderful and very humbling.

I think that’s it, I’m sure there are more amazing answers to prayer but because I am human I take most of them for granted….thanks God, now on to the next thing on my shopping/wish/prayer list – this walk with God and getting it right is a life-long thing ‘eh.


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