Muffin Top Challenge – Wk3

So, Monday 24th  April, week three feedback…………….

These are the goals I set at the start of my Muffin Top Challenge, my progress is in red.

1. Exercise EVERYDAY: Jog/Workout DVD/Brisk buggy walk/Bike Ride/Trampolining (housework DOES NOT count) Failed – Completely rubbish this week, had no energy and am due on so legs felt like lead when jogging and couldn’t complete DVD, I am lacking motivation and only exercised twice this week, once on Monday and then not until the Sunday. Was really hard to get back into it again after not doing it, kept thinking there was no point. However, dragged myself out yesterday and could really feel that I hadn’t been jogging for a while, knees hurt and I had no stamina, it was harder than when i first started! I need to pull my socks up and refocus.

2. No more baking cakes, pies and biscuits (unless for others/gifts) Successful

3. Do not buy ANYMORE chocolate (even when I’m due on!) Failed, well it was Easter and I bought them for Charlotte really and just ate them myself. I think Cadbury’s mini eggs are possibly the nicest things ever!

4. Have only ONE daily treat (i.e. biscuit with coffee at friends or Tots groups) Failed, I pigged out on several bowls of cereal, in fact I’ve been craving lots and lots of cereal, and eating it!

5. Reduce portion sizes by AT LEAST 25% Failed, especially when I had that Chinese takeaway which was nearly over flowing my plate!

6. Drink more water Successful

7. Alcohol ONLY on Jez’s rest days Failed! No excuse, can’t even blame it being William’s bithday.

8. Carbs only ONCE day Failed lots! See No. 4

9. Sensible puddings ONLY when eating out/entertaining Failed, lots of cadbury’s mini eggs and easter things.

10. Pray into this DAILY Failed, but started proper praying again on Saturday and was able to do some exercise on Sunday.

I will revisit this post weekly to record my progress.

“For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” 1 Tim 4:8


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