Muffin Top

When William was 4 months old I started exercising a little and managed to lose a little weight, people commented and gave me compliments, it felt nice and was good for my confidence.  However, after a good start I gave up on the exercise and started baking biscuits, cakes and pies,  I was continuously snacking and eating too much sugary foods, such as chocolate and ice cream.

She may love her muffin top but I don't love mine!

It’s been almost 12 months since I gave birth to William and I am now the heaviest I’ve ever been, I look and feel horrible.  So, it’s now or never, the weight is just too much, it looks horrible and must be affecting my health as I am lacking energy, getting out of breath quickly and struggling to move about easily, plus I’m finding it hard to choose clothes and underwear that fits, or look nice.

I am embarrassed by the way I look,  my XL bodyshaper underwear is no longer working and even cuts into me, I am having to choose clothing that is baggy and am wearing maternity clothes again. My sex life is non-existant, as I do not want Jez to see me naked,  I am dreading the warm weather as my arms are large and saggy and my legs (which were always my best asset) are wobbly and covered in cellulite.

So, I have to make a change, and this is what I plan to do:

1. Exercise EVERYDAY: Jog/Workout DVD/Brisk buggy walk/Bike Ride/Trampolining (housework DOES NOT count)

2. No more baking cakes, pies and biscuits (unless for others/gifts)

3. Do not buy ANYMORE chocolate (even when I’m due on!)

4. Have only ONE daily treat (i.e. biscuit with coffee at friends or Tots groups)

5. Reduce portion sizes by AT LEAST 25%

6. Drink more water

7. Alcohol ONLY on Jez’s rest days

8. Carbs only ONCE day

9. Sensible puddings ONLY when eating out/entertaining

10. Pray into this DAILY

I will revisit this post weekly to record my progress.

Week 1. Tuesday 5th April 2011

I have found that exercising is really enjoyable, it can be hard to motivate myself and find the time, but Jez is being really supportive and when I actually get out for a run or complete the DVD I feel really great. I can feel improvement already, my muscles hurt which is great and I can run further or push myself on the DVD more each time.  I actually feel like I have more energy and my mood is elevated. Cutting out on treats and puddings has been hard, especially as there is some fruit cake in the tin and chocolate eggs in the cupboards, but deciding to only have one carb meal a day is making me look at what I’m eating.

One thought on “Muffin Top

  1. Great post Jo. A reminder to me about the value of exercise. I also find that if I do exercise I feel much better. Must be something to do with “fresh” oxygen to the body!! I am rooting for you all the way, so continue to blog about it to keep motivated!
    My mom always used to say, if you don’t have snack things in the house you won’t struggle with snacking. It is so true. I don’t buy snacky things and often I look into my empty cupboards of uninteresting things with disappointment, only to close the cupboard and turn to the fruitbowl / have a glass of water / Rooibos tea!

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