Blogging, Comping, Facebooking, Texting = VW disaster

OK, so I’m getting to grips with some of this Virtuous Woman stuff, having baked a selection of things recently and managed to make some homemade cards and gifts, I even cooked a beef stew all by myself today too!

I’m quite enjoying the VW lifestyle and now I’ve banned any daytime blogging, facebook and comping, I’m getting loads done; not only around the house but also I’m loving the time I spending with the children.

I’m now saying “yes” to Charlotte when she asks me to play or read or watch TV with her, whereas in the past, I’ve made excuses while I sit at my laptop or computer.  Looking back I feel really guilty that I’ve wasted so much time on the computer, I’ve discovered William giggles uncontrollably when I zoom a toy car towards him or when I blow rasberries on his little feet. Charlotte is loving role-play and likes me to join in with her dolls and toy animals or playing Doctors or vets with her little first aid bag and outfit. In fact there seems to be a ‘caring’ theme occuring!

So, the babies are happy, the washing is done and out on the line, the ironing pile is manageable and the washing up has been dried and put away.

I’m mastering the whole ‘motherhood’ thing, now I just need to concentrate more on the ‘wife’ side of things. After baking all those goodies and  over-indulging while away in the Lake District recently, I’ve put on a couple of stone, in fact it’s made me quite miserable as I’m as heavy now as I’ve ever been and I need to get back in shape. I’ve been putting it off (thinking that I’m past saving, no hope of losing the weight now I this large), but on Monday I put on my trainers and went for a jog up the lane. It was only about 10 minutes, but it’s 10 minutes more than I’ve managed for quite some time. AND yesterday I tried a different route which took about 20 mins, my knees and ankles are suffering carrying the extra weight. Today, I listened to some music on my 25 min route, which I really enjoyed and also did the Tracy Anderson Post Natal DVD which was a killer!

I hope to do something everyday, even if it’s just a walk into town with the buggy, a bike ride to the park with one of the children, or even a keep-fit DVD when it’s raining. I hope to remain motivated and committed and will pray into this.

I also really desire to look ‘sexy’ once again, my motivation is that if I look good again then maybe Jez might give-in to me wanting another child (although this is rather unlikely), at least I can have fun trying to convince him!


One thought on “Blogging, Comping, Facebooking, Texting = VW disaster

  1. Tough challenge for you, but well done for doing it! I also find when I am more focussed on my “housewife” duties, I have fun with my kids, get much more done. This post reminded me again of my mom. She always approached her “duties” with such excellence. I also what to become an Godly Virtuous Woman that does everything with excellence like her!

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