Does God heal?

A week before I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder I received a healing from God.  It was a healing that lasted just 7 days, a big reminder that we live in a fallen world and a glimpse of “the age to come”.

Although it was only temporary, the healing installed me with hope and joy, it helped me realise that our time here on earth is limited, precious and a preparation ground for our eternal life in Heaven.

The 7 days were wonderful, but it did make me question why we do not see everyone healed when we pray for them? Why do some people receive miraculous healings and not others? Is a miraculous healing just coincidence or an actual answer to prayer?

I certainly don’t have the answers but I do know this:

  1. Suffering (including sickness and disease) are not caused by God; suffering is in this world because it is ruled by Satan.
  2. Some diseases are due to living in this fallen world and we are all crying out for redemption (release) from this bondage. No one wants to suffer or see suffering in others.
  3. Some diseases are caused by demonic forces, while some are caused by our own choices.

So, why does God let this happen, surely if He’s that powerful then He can prevent all suffering and stop bad things happening? When these questions enter my head, I remind myself with the following:

– God is love. He cannot not-love.
– God created people and spiritual beings out of love, giving them free-will.
– Genuine love is only achieved through free-will – you cannot ‘make’ people ‘genuinely’ love you).
– Free-will implies that people can choose to not love God which leads to sin (just look at Adam and Eve!)

So, how do I continue to find hope in such a world? Well……Jesus talked about “the age to come” where there will be NO sickness, NO struggle and NO tears. When God invaded earth in the form of a person (Jesus), the “age to come” invaded this present evil age. Jesus once said that, “If you see me cast out demons by the finger of God, you can know that the kingdom of God is in your midst.” This is why I pray for the sick to be healed today, and will continue to do so.

But, when I suffered with the severe lows of bi-polar, it was really hard to pray for a break-through in mood and increase in energy, let alone rejoice in the Lord!  So what hope did I have? That is why being part of a Church and being involved with fellowship groups are so important, my friends made a huge difference, I knew they were praying when I could not. However, we live in such a faithless community it’s not surprising that healings are seen only occasionally.

I believe that God can heal supernaturally and miraculously, I’ve seen it done and I’ve received healings myself for various things. We should pray to that end. I believe that God also heals through medicine and doctors. We should pray to that end as well. Regardless of which direction God takes, our ultimate trust must be in Him, after all God promised that He will never leave nor forsake you!

If you want prayer for healing simply ask God! To find out how to do this click HERE.


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