William – pregnancy and birth


When Charlotte was 6 months old I felt I would like another child and a sibling for Charlotte. It took me a while to convince Jez, but when she turned 1 year old I fell pregnant. Jez was very shocked and it took a while for things to sink in.

I found pregnancy with my second child a lot different. I was less anxious and did not follow day to day fetal development in magazines or guides. I did remind myself of which foods I should avoid etc. but was not as ‘ocd’ as I was with Charlotte.

Before falling pregnant I watched some of my Mummy friends carrying their second child while looking after a baby or toddler and one friend inspired me. Her name is Ruth and she was pregnant with Toby, not once did I hear her complain until she was in the very late stages of her pregnancy and was suffering in the heat of the summer. I wanted to be like her, she pinged back into shape after giving birth and coped amazingly well.

However, I learned an important lesson and that is to never compare yourself to anyone!

At about 15 weeks I was taken into hospital with a gastric bug which was as painful as labour and there was a risk of miscarriage. Through prayer I was fine in a matter of days but later at about 20 weeks I suffered with terrible in my hips, there were occassions when the only way I could get around was by crawling on all fours! I also suffered with varicosities and swellings down below which was very uncomfortable. After William was born things returned to normal which amazed me.  Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was told that my baby was measuring 11lb and I had a scan which also confirmed this. The news was shocking and I was slightly scared at the prospect of giving birth to such a large baby.

Labour with William was ‘eventful’, although I knew it was slightly silly, I had a big desire to give birth with minimal pain relief, but after 9 hours in labour at home I phoned the birthing centre.  I was convinced the second one was going to come quicker than my first and I was slightly panicky because of the predicted 11lb baby appearing without assistance!  Jez was instructed to get some warm towels and 2 midwives were sent along with an ambulance.

When the ambulance turned up I was dressed in a t-shirt and socks and was slightly surprised to see that Simon, an old drinking buddy, was the paramedic!   Unfortunately, despite the panic, I was only 3cm! I couldn’t believe this was happening to me again, I felt deflated and anonoyed with myself.

Once in hospital I opted for the epidural again at 7cm.   A decision I wish I hadn’t made, but the thought of an 11lb baby was just too much for me.  William, like Charlotte, was back-to-back and eventually delivered by c-section after 24 hours in labour. They say the 2nd is always quicker, but I don’t agree! William was not 11lb as predicted, but a reasonably sized 9lb 2oz, I was gutted to have had a c-section and it took me ages to recover physically.

However, once again I was given a small insight into God’s love for each of us, as my love was not divided between Charlotte and William, it was multiplied so there was plenty to go around. No favourites, no biase just pure BIG LOVE for each of my children and God loves each of us in this way too.


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