Christmas in France with the kids

This Christmas we decided to do things a little different and bring Jez’s mum (Jenny) and children over for the holiday. The journey over was a complete nightmare, the planes were delayed, there were strikes at the airports and our suitcases were mislaid. However, the children and Jenny were really excited to arrive at Sentein. The children had visited before and had settled in well, but this was the first time Jenny had been to this part of France and I’m hoping she enjoyed it.

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The weather was perfect, bitterly cold, but a blanket of snow covered the Ariege. Last year I remember it being -10 degrees C outside and -15 degrees C indoors!

Christmas Day was quiet, no church service, no Christmas classics on TV and not many presents (due to the mislaid suitcase carrying them). However, we all enjoyed ourselves and made the most of the snow. It was a Christmas to remember, Oh….and I was 2 months pregnant, expecting our first child!


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