L’Ancienne Gendarmerie

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We were really taken with L’Ancienne Gendarmerie. We purchased the property and started making several trips over. The people have been very welcoming and we are really trying to make an effort to fit in, which basically means shoppping at the local Tabac, eating and drinking at La Crabere.  French life in sentein is very slow and calm, you can not help but be amazed at the mountains all around and the beautiful rivers and forests.

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Since moving in we have started on the renovations which has included everything and I mean everything, we have no electric, water or heating so it’s been quite an adventure trying to source all the local artisans to help with this.  French artisans do not seem particularly interested in taking on work, they sometimes don’t even show up (even for payment!), but when they do arrive the work like nothing I’ve ever seen before, it’s all hands to the pump and the quality of the work done is exceptional. We’ve been very lucky with Christian our plumber, Andre our electrician and various others who’ve helped with knocking down walls, clearing the attic (where we discovered 2 grenades!) and stripping wall paper that has been there since the stuff was invented!

After numerous trips over, the place is almost habitable and we can’t wait for our next trip.


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